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    VirusScan 8.7i not detecting fakealert!




      just had a problem with a corporate laptop where a user was infected with FakeAlert Malware, which 8.7i did not detect???


      The Malware was first detected by free version AVG by user after experiancing FakeAlert Malare symptoms. He then ran a full system scan on 24th Dec which had the current DAT installed, 8.7i didn't detect anything. After his holiday today we were alerted to this and subsequently ran the Stinger tool which dated 10 dec and this detected the FakeAlert and subsequently removed the Malware.


      Question why does 8.7 with latest DAT file not detect these Malwares and it's left to 2 different free versions of aproducts to detect them..... questions why i'm paying for a product when free versions do a better job??? Yes a little peeved at the moment as now had to spend a fair bit of time on this to resolve and others have also reported similar problems with the full blown versions not picking up Malware. Previous Mcafee responses were Malware was new and may not have been in the DAT file, which in this case we can clearly see that it was in the stinger file 2 weeks priorto a scan been run, so that's not an excuse...


      Anyone from Mcafee care to comment??