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    MWG 7.0.2 HA mode Email Notificaition

      We have two MWG running in HA mode. We would like to recieve an email notification when the HA status changes. For example, an email notificaiton will be sent to administrator when one of the MWG goes down. Search around, but couldn't find any clues. Can anybody tell how to notify us by email when one of the MWG goes down? thanks

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          Good Day,


          I don´t think we can do this with what we offer within MWG, but this should be possible with some lines of script.


          What exactly do you need?


          Please notice that in Proxy HA mode you have one node acting as the active directory, but it will distribute the load across all MWG nodes available for scanning. If you want to see if a node goes completely down, it would be better to use an external monitoring solution running checks to see whether port 9090 goes down, as you will be able to monitor also if the machine dies completely e.g. gets into a situation where local monitoring is probably not working any longer.


          Please let us know what exactly you imagine to receive, to allow us to see if there is a chance to set this up.




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            Thank you for the reply.


            Yes, we could have the external monitor to check on these two MWG.


            What happened is that one of the mwg went done randomly several times. If the Web management console was opened, a pop up message would show “ heart beat lost” telling one of the MWG went down. We think that could be a good idea for the HA to send an email out at the same time. Like all other systems, it could be treated as internal events of HA mode and an event notification is sent to administrator.


            thanks again