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    My website has been blocked by McCafee program. How do I fix?

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      From:Thigpen, Janet <JThigpen@co.chemung.ny.us>
      Subject:RE: Community Training in Ecological Design 2011, Schuyler County, NY
      Date:Tue, 4 Jan 2011 12:41:13 -0500
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      I don't know what you do about this, but the McAfee web filter classifies the FLPI website as pornography.  I've pasted the text of the message below.  (I'll register for the Ecological Design class later from a different computer.)


      Janet Thigpen, CFM

      Flood Mitigation Specialist

      Southern Tier Central Regional Planning & Development Board

      P.O. Box 588

      Elmira, NY 14902-0588






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