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    Storm Worm - New Version uses SQL Injection Techniques

      While the Storm worm botnet continues to spread using email techniques, SQL injection techniques are starting to be used as an approach to seed malware on vulnerable computers. Folks should be careful with email in avoiding all attachments and website links, and stay up-to-date on security patches and AV protection.

      Storm Worm - New Version uses SQL Injection Techniques

      QUOTE: What has changed compared to previous campaigns? Storm Worm is back in the SQL injection attack phrase, with a malicious iframe injected at a small number of sites for the time being. Moreover, assessing the storm worm infected hosts can only be done if you spoof your browser UI, otherwise you will get no indication for any kind of malicious activity going on. Furthermore, despite that there are no exploits used at the infected hosts but, a heavily obfuscated HTML was detected in their injected domain which would load automatically upon someone visiting an already injected site.