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    General questions regarding behaviour of McAfee Community


      I have been using the community for about 6 months, concentrating in the areas of specific interest (UTM Firewall/SnapGear, Firewall Enterprise/Sidewinder, Email & Web Security and Web Gateway/WebWasher), but have come across two specific problems when using the forums:-


      1. Searching - there doesn't appear to be a forum specific search function, so I can't search specifically within Firewall Enterprise or Web Gateway for example. Initating a search from the main business forum page may well match articles for other products and this then makes the list more difficult to navigate.
      2. When navigating through the discussion list within a specific forum, I may come across a discussion 3 or 4 pages in which is of interest which I'll then select and read through. When I use the 'back' button on my browser to return to the summary list, I always seem to be taken back to page 1. This can be very frustrating, as I am then forced to go through the various pages all over again to reach the point I had reached previously.


      Is this because I'm doing something wrong?


      If it isn't are there any plans to address these points?


      Many Thanks.