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    BT supplied Net Protect plus problems - Real time scanning not working - uninstalled and now will not reinstall any of the Netprotect plus componenets

      Dell Inspiron 9400 4 years old 1G RAM

      XP 32 bit SP3

      BT provided virus software running fine until (about) October 2010 - probably began giving trouble after an update but no-one who uses the computer can recall exactly when it started to fail.

      From that date there was always a message saying Real Time Scanning was "off" and although it could be manually switched on it would go "off" again after a few seconds only.

      Decided to try to put this right over the Christmas period, consulted various forums which suggested that the thing to do was to uninstall and then reinstall.

      Uninstall went OK, but the computer will download the various components and try to install them, followed by a message that none of the features could be installed and suggesting a re-try as the solution. I have done this 4 times with no success.

      I used the clean up tool form the McAfee website after one of the attempts failed - it seemed to uninstall a number of things. Next attempt did the same thing.

      BT helpers have (remotely) done this twice also, and also run other "patches" but have been unable to get it to install after apparently downloading correctly. They have given up and suggest asking a computer technician for help.

      Could you offer advice please?

      As with others who have had trouble this has taken several hours, with several hours to BT so far.