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    HDPL Removable storage protection rule - not working

      Hi all,

      I am pretty new in the HDLP area and need some help to define a working Removable Storage Protection Rule.

      I am using DLP 9.0; all handlers are enabled; a tagging rule is enabled (all zip files should be tagged with "test-tag") and applied to a user group.

      I've defined a Removable storage protection rule, which should only monitor copying of tagged data. It is enabled and assigned to same user group.

      However, when I copy a zip file to a USB - nothing happens....no entry is displayed in the DLP monitor.

      I've successfully applied Device rules to monitor and/or block USB usage and enries in the DLP monitor appear, as expected.

      Machine HDD, on which I test, is encrypted with SafeGuadr Easy; OS is WinXP

      I guess I am missing something...hope someone can point it to me.