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    McAfee Move


      There is is no Community for McAfee MOVE.

      Will a community be developed?


      Best Regards,


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          I am also interested in this.


          We just purchased this product and the documentation is slim.


          We are running 4 vmware hosts for our VDI environment in a virtual cluster configuration.


          Does anyone know if each host would have a MOVE-AV server or would 2 MOVE-AV servers(primary/redundant) handle all 4 hosts?

          If each host needs its own MOVE-AV server, how would this be handled with DRS?

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            Moved from Community Help to Business General Discussion in the hope someone form that side will answer.

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              i´m using one McAfee Offload Server for about 13 virtual Hosts. This is all working fine.


              I defined a TAG for MOVE-AV Nodes. When tagging the nodes, VSE 8.x will be removed, MoveAV Agents will be installed and all Update Tasks are disabled. Today all is working fine with MoveAV, i only have some Troubles with the OVI Scan.




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                Hi Joey


                If you haven't already found out by now, this is the idea of McAfee Move that one Move server services many VDI to improve performance.


                The VDI image will be made up for the same file system and the move server will scan just 1 instance of the file on one VDI and then on the other VDI's it will leave it will check the hash and see its the same file and leave it alone thus improving performance of the VDI.


                DRS could have an impact on performance but not really 100% sure if this is true its just based on information about best practices, the Move server and the VDIs are best on the same hypervisor.





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                  To the original poster Thorsten, I have asked the board Administrator to look into forming a special section for this application.



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                    Do we have a place yet where we can discuss this product?  I got the official release email from my SAM and it's a product we're evaluating now.  I'd love to check with existing customers who have already implemented or are implementing to get their feedback.  Any "gotcha's" to it?

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                      I'm chasing it up again, sorry for the delay.

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                        Meanwhile there's a Contact Us and a phone number here:  http://www.mcafee.com/us/products/move-anti-virus.aspx

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                          Apparently there have been some staffing changes in that department so the creation of a community has been held up.  I'll post as soon as I hear something.

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