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    Windows 7 64bit Backup Error 0x81000037 when McAfee AntiVirus Plus Real-Time Scanning Enabled

      New Dell Laptop, Windows 7 64-bit.  I've just run a full McAfee system scan and found no suspicious files.  3 Tracking cookies (deleted).  Nothing in quarantine.  The system seems clean.


      Windows backup is scheduled to run daily, but it fails with error 0x81000037.  Checking the net Internet for causes, I'd eliminated everything, bad VSS, check disk, reparse points.


      The last thing I tried was disabling McAfee AntiVirus Plus Real-Time scanning.  The backups complete normally now, however it is inconvenient to disable this for a daily scheduled backup.


      Is there any information available on what might be the cause of this conflict and how to correct it?