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    V5.2.6 HTTP service

      I upgraded from V5.2.2 to V5.2.6. The Http service stops.  I'll restart and it will stop in a few minutes with an error in the event log


      Faulting Application SbHttp.exe, version, faulting module SbHttp.exe, verion, fault address 0x00005df1

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          I just did the same upgrade:

          I UNCHECKED the Apache HTTP server option at install time.

          I CHECKED the (McAfee) HTTP server option at install time.

          I restored the pre-upgrade copy of sbhttp.ini over the one written during the install.


          I did not see the error you report.

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            Why do you use native HTTP service? Apache version is recommended.

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              As you are using latest version of EEPC configure Endpoint Encryption Apache Web-HelpDesk

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                Why use the existing service?

                1. It works.

                2. I know how to configure it (since it uses the same config from last version)

                3. I don't know Apache/configuration

                4. I'm hoping to move to EPO within the year.

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                  I accidently checked correct on the last post.  That is why I continued to use Http, until this last update I haven't had problems.  I will look into appache.  Unfortunately my backup got over written. I updated my EEM on Sunday Morning, did a backup prior to this, and my regular backup ran at 6:30 that evening, thus I don't have my old .ini file.  The problem wasn't discovered until the Helpdesk came in Monday morning.  It worked when I tested but crashed at some point after testing.  I keep a month worth of the database but not all other files.