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    McAfee problem

      Hi all,


      I got a problem with McAfee, I made some screenshots to show.

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          We understand that you are facing issues with the McAfee software on your computer.

          Please perform the steps that are outlined to resolve the issue.

          Replace HtmlDlg.exe and UpdDlg.exe with the versions attached to this article.


             1. Launch Windows Explorer and navigate to the location below:


                \Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Agent\


             2. Rename the existing copies of HtmlDlg.exe and UpdDlg.exe and change the file extension to .BAK.


                Example: HtmlDlg.BAK


             3. Donwload FixForUpdDlgCrash.zip attached to this article and extract the contents (htmldlg.exe and upddlg.exe with file version
             4. Copy the new HtmlDlg.exe and UpdDlg.exe to the location below:


                \Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Agent\


             5. Restart the system.


          Perform a manual update to verify that the issue is resolved.

          Link for the downloading the two files is below.

          http://kb.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/CORP_KNOWLEDGEBASE/7000 0/KB70584/en_US/FixForUpdDlgCrash.zip

          Please downlod the two files and replace them as mentioned above and then restart the computer and then run a manual update.


          Pritish P.