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    Anyone have issues while upgrading from 6.8.6 to 7?


      If you have experienced any issues upgrading from 6.8.6 to 7 please post them here.


      My environment has two 6.8.6 appliances running in HA mode. Last week we decided to go live with one box upgrading it to 7. We decided to upgrade one box at a time in case there were any issues and it is a good thing we did. We have not been able to get the traffic to filter through the 7 box, and it is configured the same way as the 6.8.6.


      One thing we did notice is while re-imaging the 6.8.6 appliance is that it reconfigures the NIC ports. This would have been nice to know before hand because we spent some time troubleshooting why the link did not come up. For example eth0 use to be in the slot and now it is configured as a motherboard NIC. Something we are thinking of now is maybe there is a MAC address issue somewhere with the different NIC. Later today I am going to reconfigure the port to be the old one.


      I just wanted to see if anyone else has had any issues that we may be aware of.


      And yes we have tickets open with support and are continuing to work with them.

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          Absolutely.  Different set up of 6.8.6, but yes, we've run into more than our fair share of issues over the course of the last 7 months or so.  Tickets are open and right now our company is currently off of one 6.8.6 box.

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            Has anyone else upgraded from a 2900 appliance?

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              We were able to get another outage time scheduled today to test our upgrade to 7.


              After waiting about 10 minutes, we noticed that our traffic was now passing through the MWG 7 appliance, our issue before was we were not waiting long enough for the box to deal with traffic and were getting time outs.


              Once the box started accepting traffic all users were receiving the outdated trusted source engine error and we had to wait another 10-15 minutes for the appliance to upgrade to its current anti-malware and trusted source database files. Once this was done we had very sporadic results from users, some were timing out and some were able to get through, but the ones that were getting through were reporting extremely slow response times.


              We looked into our current feedback file and noticed there is a new setting under proxies --> proxy HA --> advanced settings --> max client connections = 25000.


              We're not sure if this had anything to do with our slow response times as we may have been hitting that threshold, but usually we are around the 10,000- 15000 mark. Our next course of action is to get anothjer outage window and double or triple that value and test again.


              Just wanted to keep people updated in case they run in to the same issues.

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                We rebuilt our 7.0.2.x box a couple of weeks ago and tested it out in our office until yesterday.  With roughly 7 users on it, everything seemed to be working okay and we decided to make another attempt to deploy it for our users.  Initially everything seemed to be working okay until today, when the device stopped processing and forwarding web traffic.  We generated another feedback file and created a ticket for it, then restarted the mwg services.  We decided to keep the users on it and disabled some of the antivirus and media functionality to see if that would help and no more than a couple of hours later, the same problem reared it's ugly head.  I think at this point, we're relatively close to giving up on 7.0.2.x and moving on to something else....