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    Real Time Scanning will not stay on

      I am re-posting this question because none of the previous threads have solved my issue. My windows security center detects my Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware is not enabled.  When I click on McAfee, I am told real time scanning has been turned off.  When I click "Turn On" I get a green status for 10 seconds, then it turns back off again.


      First, my computer:

      Windows XP Home Edition 2002 (Computer is same age) SP 3

      McAfee was updated prior to the new year (December 17 2010 was renewal)

      Connected to the internet through Linksys router (wired), then cable modem (computer is currently disconnected due to security issue)

      This computer is mainly used for my children, so I couldn't tell you the last program downloaded (probably a game, and where the issues stems from) I do need this issue fixed, as my older children use this for homework and the drive has some personal info.


      NOTE: Two laptops are connected wirelessly without this issue


      Steps I have accomplished trying to fix this issue:


      No other virus scans/programs are on this computer

      I have completed malware scans with Malware Bytes and Spybot Search and Destroy (Both updated, ran in Safe Mode; negative findings)

      Windows is up-to-date with updates

      I did perform a system restore to a date prior to the issue, still not fixed

      I cannot perform a system scan with McAfee, due to an error (An Error Has Occurred -- An unexpected problem occurred during your scan. Please click OK to go back to the home page, and then try running your scan again)

      I have also ran the "oas-fix utility" I have seen posted in previous threads, and that has not solved the issue either.


      I hope I have posted enough info for some serious help.  In the previous threads with this issue, the OAS fix is the last soulution given by a McAfee agent.  I haven't seen the next step in trying to resolve this issue.  Please publish the next step.