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    IObit Advanced System Care 3

      Hi there,


      I use IObit Advanced System Care 3. My problem isn''t with this software, I have found it very efficient - in fact I don't have any problems at all, with any software. This is more a precautionary question.


      I know you shouldn't run two pieces of security software alongside each other in case of contradictions which can cause system errors, sometimes huge. I was wondering if it was alright to run ASC3 alongside McAffee - as I have paid for both and don't really wish to uninstall either - but I will if it's not recommended (with McAfee obviously being the preferred choice). Both programs serve different purposes and do diferent jobs - but there may be some overlap where both programs are trying to do the same thing. What do you think?


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                Yes you're right Some third-party applications will not allow McAfee software to install or run correctly. To ensure your computer is functioning efficiently with McAfee software, we have to uninstall them.


          But as we mentioned only Some third-party applications Not all of them you can use the program but in case if you have any issues then you have to remove any one of them.


          Following programs are added as incompatible third-party applications (2010).


          Please click here to view list the List incompatible third-party applications (2010).

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            As long as it doesn't have an antivirus component it shouldn't clash.  However, I would beware of any registry cleaner and/or optimizer as eventually essential registry keys get cleaned up along with the trash and then software/system malfunctions can occur.


            I'm not saying this is definitely going to happen but I've seen so many cases of it with any of the registry cleaners available today, that I thought that I should mention it.


            If your system is short on resources and you feel you need more 'elbow room' then it's far better to increase those resources if possible, i.e. more memory, larger hard drive etc.


            Windows does it's own cleanups at regular intervals and you always have the tools available in Control Panel/System and Maintenance.

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              Hi guys,


              Thank you for your replies. The ASC3 has got Spyware defense - but that's it. Going on what you've said I think I'm going to take a risk as I like both programs. ASC3 has a restore center to roll back any unwanted changes - so I think I'll be OK. But be sure - if anything does happen I'll be sure to come back here and let you know so that other users don't make the same mistake!


              Many thanks,



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                Good luck and let's hope all proceeds according to plan.  ;-)