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    Help with ipod/itunes and Mcafee


      I have an ipod Shuffle and I've been having one small problem with it lately. I've looked around on random sites for help and I came across one particular thread that talked about the exact same problem I'm having. The person helping that person wasn't familiar with Mcafee or with Windows so the person really didn't get a deeper answer.


      Here's what my ipod has been doing: It works fine. I can copy and delete and play songs just fine. The problem comes up when I try to eject the ipod from the dock on my computer. I get the following errors: "There is no disk in the drive--please insert a disk into drive F." and this next error pops up immediately after the disk F error. "The ipod can not be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application."


      You're problem asking yourself why I'm on this forum instead of posting all of this on the itunes forum. It all goes back to what the answerer said on the itunes board. That person suggested an anti-virus program might be taking hold of it to scan it or that the operating system is scanning it for fast searching purposes. The other person replied and said they had McAfee. The other person came back and said if McAfee is running and you have not changed your settings to not scan ipod or mp3 player that is what is causing the problem.


      Link to all of that discussion is here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12582148&#12582148


      I don't have my iPod connected to the computer when I scan the computer. I guess if McAfee constantly runs it might be causing some sort of interferences. So is there any way I can do what this person suggested? How can I get Mcafee to stop scanning the ipod? These errors have only been showing up for a few weeks now. My computer is virus free. It's 100% clean.


      Thanks for any/all replies.

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                I gone through your post it seems to be its a none McAfee issue because scan will not affect legitimate software . When you run scan it will scan  for virus infection if its found one it will be removed or Quarantined.As per your request you would like to avoid scanning ipod it can be done in two ways they are.


          1.While scaning your computer with McAfee when it reach the Ipod you can use skip button to avoid scanning .


          2.You can also turnoff the schedule scan to avoid automatic scan but make sure you have to scan manually at least once in a week which is recommended.

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            Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate it. Hmm, I wonder what the problem could be? Normally I'd just ignore it and figure it wasn't too big of a deal. But you know how those 'not too big of a deal' things usually turn into bigger problems in the long run. I'll head on over to the itunes forum and talk about what you've told me and see what they come up with.


            Thank you again!

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              Ah, thank goodness this thread hasn't been closed yet. I've been talking with somebody on the itunes forum and the person helping me gave me a few things to try out. I was asked what other items are connected to a USB port and I answered my ipod, my mouse (has to be in a USB port instead of the mouse port because it won't fit in the mouse port), and a wire connected to my modem. The person came back and suggested I disconnect the wire from the modem, restart the computer and plug the ipod in and see if the error pops up. I did that and it still popped up. And the person said if the error still popped up it had to be an issue with an anti-virus program. Try temporarily disabling them and see if the errors pop up. I disabled McAfee temporarily and I tested my iPod out three different times. The errors didn't come up. It is some sort of problem with McAfee.