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    Possible False Positive : Artemis!27585E2DA9AA(Trojan)

      Hello, after about 6 months with no false positive detection on the file MW4MERCS.EXE, yesterday Jan.1st 2011 McAfee again Quarantined it eventhough it has been WHITELISTED before.


      Detection Name: Artemis!27585E2DA9AA(Trojan)

      File: E:\Program Files\mektek.net\Mechwarrior Mercenaries - Mektek Mekpak\MW4MERCS.EXE





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      File was zipped , passworded and e-mailed to McAfee :- virus_research@avertlabs.com on 1/2/11 12:29:04 PM CST


      Do I require some ID # etc?



      on 1/2/11 12:32:39 PM CST