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    McAfee Update>Notify User when Updates are Available>Now Working :)

      I noticed this when I first installed. McAfee Update resumes automatically updating eventhough I have>>>Notify me when updates are available set. I never get notified at all, it just auto updates with no warning.

      Under task manager I notice mcupdmgr.exe that starts most always cause it freezes up the pc game I'm on at times.

      I'm pretty computer savvy, I keep my computer very clean and running at peak performance. Just a bug in the Update Configuration I'm guessing.



      on 12/31/10 5:23:57 PM EST

      I tried to manually update when leaving my setting to notify me when updates are available, it would not work, I ticked update automatically and manually clicked update, then it updated quickly.

      I rebooted my computer and McAfee stated: cannot update>Visit Support>so I ran Virtual Technician just now:

      Health Check Details

      Registry1 Registry key(s) incorrect
      Expected Registry Value not Present                                
      Expected : 0
      Existing : 1
      Key:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SystemCore\VSCore\On Access  Scanner\McShield\Configuration\Default bNetworkScanEnabled
      DAT and Engine1 DAT / Engine update
      DAT not Up-to-date                                  
      DAT: Expected : 6213
      Existing : 6207
      Top IssuesOK


      Will let you know how this goes by today sometime.



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      on 1/1/11 2:14:18 AM EST

      Okay so this is what I have thus far. There seems to be some type of program bug within the update configuration.

      By selecting either of the three update settings, then opening McAfee or just by right clicking task bar icon>check for updates, the view I get is 0% completed but the circular motion icon is working. A few times before, when selecting auto update within settings> then clicking update it worked fine.

      It is showing the time of the last update> 9:58 and it is 10:02am here, > it is also displaying > Next Update: 13:59.

      So this has me saying hmmm, so i check the scheduled scan setting, it is off as I thought it should be.(Next Update Display<>this is just letting the user know when the next update is I suppose, no matter which update setting is chosen out of the three, and even if scheduled scanning is not turned on by the user).

      I just scanned with Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware > Clean.

      This situation was happening before I ran the Virtual Technician.

      Conclusion: Everything seems fine except for this updating issue. If updates are current, which mine are, it displays> Current. > So hence, it should graphically display correctly when the user checks for updates and, not just sit there with 0% complete and trying to work. Also, no informational alert is ever displayed to me when choosing either update setting(eventhough I have show information alerts chosen also ticked under settings),

      1. Download updates but notify user before install. 2. Notify me when updates are available.


      Programming bug or not?





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      on 1/1/11 10:43:30 AM EST

      Today I done a fresh install of Windows XP(just for the heck of it) and McAfee. The manual checking for updates is now working, the 0% shows the whole time though but it updates with confirmation. I'm now awaiting to see if: Notify me when updates are available... will alert me so I can install. Will keep you posted.



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      It's working now



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