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    Security Scan Plus:  McAfee,  please make it stop for VSE customers!


      Any other VirusScan Enterprise users getting affected by McAfee Security Scan Plus's inclusion in Adobe Reader downloads?


      We have a subset of users that have the ability to install programs for themselves, and  hilariously, we've gotten calls reporting that "mcafee is rendering my machine useless!"  only to find out they had unwittingly installed this separate McAfee Security Scan Plus program that's being foisted on people looking to download and install Adobe Reader.  Adobe for their part keeps moving the box you have to uncheck to opt out of this installation.   Mozilla firefox users get this download bundled at the main Reader download page at http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-READER     (IE users seem to get Google Toolbar foisted on them, or maybe the suggestion is randomized).


      McAfee -- if you're listening or can forward this rant on to someone who can do something about it,  someone tell me why Security Scan Plus doesn't throw installer warnings left right and center if the machine already has VirusScan Enterprise on it?  These folks are already customers.   It's rather irritating that a paying customer of yours has to shoulder additional support load because a glorified marketing campaign includes one piece of McAfee software that can't peacefully coexist with your Enterprise product.


      Among the user/admin community, feel free to chime in if this has hit your radar and caused you any grief, and what if anything you've done to block this from installation.  If there's a URL I can drop at our web gateway, I'll be happy to do it, but I'm also irritated that I have to spend time researching it thanks to McAfee's marketing decisions and poor program interoperability.