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    Unwanted McAfee Popup

      McAfee Internet Secuity - 2011 downloaded two months ago. Since download, I receive a "McAfee Popup" offering a video to learn more of the software features.  This popup occurs daily, and often.  I cannot stop or remove the popup nor can Tech Support personnel who have claimed (five different times) that the popup will stop.  Sent letter to marketing manager that was ignored.  Would appreciate any viable procedure to stop this annoyance.

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          This issue is being looked at but I do not know if it is close to being resolved or not yet. Peacekeeper or Ex Brit may have more info on this than I so they may chime in to tell you something.

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            Tom is correct The issue was passed onto the developers 6 weeks or more ago. we have been trying to get an answer as to when a fix will come but no info yet. Watch this thread



            1 poster got a fix we are trying to get the techs to check back on what was done to fix it.

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              I am having the same problem with popups that won't close. I have a 3-user package. Only having this problem on 1 desktop using Windows 7. Laptop using Windows 7 and another desktop using XP working okay. Update popups will not close. McAfee tech did a forced update, but did not solve the problem. As soon as the next update came, I got another popup. I uninstalled and did a clean install. Same problem. Now I have popups for programs that want access to the internet. Same problem. I had to open the security center and manually give permission for programs I want to access the internet. My license is good until Nov. 2011. I've been paying McAfee too much for too long to have this kind of problem unresolved for so long.

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                So yours isn't the same issue ie a popup saying you have upgraded to a new version watch the video. Video popup returns.


                Is yours the popup re allow access for program does not work ie need to access firewall settings and allow it.



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                  Comments on "Unwanted McAfee Popup" fail to answer the problem. It is of little consolation to know that McAfee is working on the problem.   This aggravating McAfee software malfunction has persisted for over three months. It has not subsided, in fact it occurs more frequently than ever.  I look forward to terminating any association with this Company

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                    It's not the pop-up with video, but it is still a notification pop-up with an unresponsive click box. The McAfee tech did a forced update via remote, but did not fix the problem of subsequent pop-ups.

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                      I have been asked to get you to try

                      1 Disable access protection. ( open security centre go to navigation/general settings and access protetion and untick it.

                      2. Wait till you see next popup and dismiss it.

                      3. Reenable access protection reboot and see it video still there.

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                        Your recommended procedure not possible since the "access protection" box has been unticked (unselected) for several weeks.  I have been in and out of the Navigation options, removing any features that could possibly enable the popup.

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                          Ok thanks at least I can say try again to them

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