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    Rogue System Detection



      I am after some advise with regards to RSD.  We are using EPO 4 build 1298 and RSD


      We have been using RSD on our office LANs and it works great however i want to roll it out to some sites which have a multiple VLAN setup.


      Basically a remote site has 5 different VLANs setup and all the VLANs route through a layer 3 switch.  Most of the servers/devices are linux and are on static IPs, some are windows based also with static IPs.  There is also one Linux DHCP server on site so serve anyone or any device that needs DHCP.


      I really only want one RSD sensor on the site, and was thinking of installing the sensor on a device with multiple NICs, one in each VLAN, but not sure if this would work, or even if its the best way forward.  Does anyone know if this will work and if there is a better way of doing this.