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    Export Whitelist as html

      Hi guys,


      small question:

      Is it possible to export the whitelist containing all domains and disabled filters to a html file or something simliar?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Version 6.8 or version 7?


          In version 6.8, you can use the listConverter on the .backup file. It will extract whitelists in preparation for importing to 7.0.



          In 6.8, you can also copy the /opt/webwasher-csm/conf/[policyname].conf files and get them directly from there.



          In 7.0, I am working on a utility to take configurations from it's .backup and view it in HTML. This would do what you want too.

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            Version 6.8.

            I will try listconverter and give my feedback tomorrow!


            Thanks in advance

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              Hi Erik,


              I tried to use the listConverter. Although I got a error message, I was able to export the policy.

              I can see the whitelist in the file policy_name.ini together with some numbers, which represent the disabled filters.

              Is that correct? If yes, I cannot detect a repeating pattern or something like that.

              Can you help me with that?

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                If you use listConverter and select only the [WhiteList.ListEntries] and select Write .txt Files, you will save the entries in a tab-delimited format.

                The first column is the entry, the second colum is the entered description. Use Excel or something to get the first column.


                You are right. If you get the entries fromt he .conf file, it's comma-delimted. The first column is the entry, the second represents the checkmarks that are bypassed. Each checkmark is a bit and I don't suggest you decode them unless you have a lot of time on your hands. The listConverter can group together different lists if you are only looking for certain checkmarks. See the Tools > Whitelist Options in the listConverter menu.


                The policy report in list converter can display the whitelist entries for each policy, too. It lets you see a side-by-side comparison between policies.