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      I get an alert from McAfee saying that this is a trojan, located in E:/Mobile Partner/data.bin (Mobile Partner is my mobile internet program). However, McAfee does not seem to have an information to provide on it, nor is it able to remove it. What should I do?

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          I got the exact same problem. Each time I put in the Mobile Partner stick and the McAfee scan is through, I get a new error message and one new error =the same one now occurring twice in the list. So, like Snöis, I ask "What should I do?". Throw out the Mobile Partner stick (=my mobile Internet)?  Anybody out there who can help us?

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            Could both of you please do the following:


            Email file to: virus_research@mcafee.com


            When submitting samples via E-mail all samples must be packaged in a .ZIP file and email header should start with the word "False" (minus the "").

            Additionally, any .ZIP file created must be password-protected using the password "infected" (minus the ""). Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your submission to be rejected.

            If you've done that properly an automated response should be received almost immediately, followed by a manual one, usually within 24 - 48 hours.

            If you don't receive anything it either means the file was submitted incorrectly or the response is sitting in your Junk or Spam mail folders.


            **If they respond that it is an infection and you are sure it is not, forward* that email immediately to virus_research@mcafee.com and insert the word'False' (minus the '') in front of the header, but keep the rest of the header intact.

            * recommending forward because at the moment if you hit reply it goes to the old avertlabs email address in error.




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              Hi and thanks a lot for your quick reply!

              This rookie has a problem getting the zipped file password protected. Am working in Windows 7 and when right-clicking the zipped data.bin-file within the "data.zip" folder there is no option to create a password. My choises are: cut out, delete, copy, properties and open. Can´t open the file and there are no options to create a password within the Properies option. If you can help, I would really appreciate that.