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    Error:  0xe0050001 - Endpoint Encryption for PC is not installed

      1. I have a virus. It has resulted in this error when I try to start up... "Error:  0xe0050001 - Endpoint Encryption for PC is not installed"


      2. I cannot do an F8 safe boot because the Endpoint Encryption kicks in before I can initiate it. I can do F9 "Boot Device", F10 "Rom Based Setup" or F12 "Network Service Boot" but can't see a way to get to safe boot.


      3. My company's IT Support is not back from vacation until Tuesday Jan 4th so I can't do the steps listed in other threads with the same problem.


      4. I don't have a CD drive in my laptop but if I attached an external CD player and ran the Vista Recovery disc would it allow me to do a safe boot and then a restore back to before the virus infection?