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    Shred free space

      I am planning to donate my old PC and would like to ensure there is no personal data left on the hard drives. Such data would be deleted files which are uncatalogued but where the actual data still exists on the disk.

      Does anyone know whether McAfee Shredder can shred free space?

      In this context "shred free space" means overwrite it with zeroes, ones, or any meaningless data that obliterates previously written data.



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          Hi Robert,


          Basically shredder is been designed with all these factors in mind. - ie McAfee Shredder & Standard Windows deletion .


          • McAfee Shredder securely erases the data you specify for deletion. Even if you use recovery software, no trace of the erased data will be found.
          • Standard Windows deletion will remove the data and free hard drive space on your computer, but it does so by deleting the record of the data in the index, not the data itself. The data itself can later be recovered using recovery software and tools, unless Windows writes other data over the physical space on the hard drive that your data occupies.


          So, the above options would help you accordingly to delete the free space from your computer .





          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Hello Dinesh,


            Thanks for your reply. Your comments exactly match my understanding of how Shredder and the standard Windows deletion work.


            However, i was hoping there was additional functionality whereby Shredder could create a temporary file that would completely fill free space (users would have to ignore "disk full" messages during the process), then shred the part of the disk occupied by the temporary file, after which the temporary file would be deleted, resulting in clean free space.


            Alas, I don't see any options in Shredder for the above, so this post is really more of a request than a question.






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              Peter M

              Shredder is a very light version of what you are seeking.


              You need something like KillDisk http://www.killdisk.com/
              or Eraser http://eraser.heidi.ie/