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    BSOD with update DAT version 6210

      I have a major problem in my computers due to the latest McAfee update VirusScan DAT version 6210. After this update, everytime during shutdown, my computers crashes and I get the Blue Screen of Death. This version 6210 looks like a major update compared to the last update version of 6206, as my system tray McAfee icon also changed from square icon to the new sword like icon. Below is the summary of the error screen and as well my McAfee version details.


      I have a notebook and a netbook both with OS Windows XP Professional SP3 and face the same problem in both the computers. My McAfee product is VirusScan Plus, automatically updated regularly online till date. I do not have any problem till DAT version 6206. Only the latest update of DAT version 6210 crashes the computer while shutdown. I uninstalled McAfee completely and then checked.  I do not have the problem without McAfee. When I reinstall McAfee again, till the automatic update reaches DAT version 6206, I do not have problem. In my notebook, twice I tried to update to 6210 version and I face the same problem. Presently, I stopped the automatic update and my DAT version is 6206. I do not have problem but McAfee is regularly reminding to update. Please help to resolve this issue urgently.


      Error message:

      A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


      Check to make sure any new software is properly installed.
      If this is a new installation, ask your software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need.

      STOP: 0x0000000A (0x000000B0, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x80507FEC)

      Beginning dump of physical memory


      McAfee update version having problem:

      Security centre:







      DAT version: 6210.000

      DAT creation date: 28/12/2010


      Personal firewall:




      McAfee version working fine:

      Security centre:







      DAT version: 6206.000

      DAT creation date: 23/12/2010

      Engine version: 5400.1158


      Personal firewall:





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          Hi Krish,

          IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, this Stop message indicates that a kernel-mode process or driver attempted to access a memory address to which it did not have permission to access. Could you please let us know how old is the computer , Also, do you have all the latest updates frolm windows installed , including the ones for your network adapters .





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            Hi Dinz,

            My notebook is 4 years old and my netbook is 1 year old. In both the computers, Windows XP is live updated online regularly and has all the latest update.

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              Can someone from McAfee help to solve my problem.


              I suspect my problem was due to security center update and not the virus scan update. Now, I manually updated McAfee in both my computers. Presently, my virus scan DAT version is 6213 and do not have any problem. I did not do any other change in my computers between the time when I had the problem and now.

              However, my security center still remains as build 9.15.179 and confirms that this is the latest. This is strange, as 2 weeks before when I had problem, this version was 10.5 which seems a major change as the McAfee icons were also changed and the McAfee security center interface screen was completely different. I am not sure why I got a build 10.5 update 2 weeks back but now it says even 9.15 is the latest!


              If the problem cannot be solved, please clarify whether is it possible to do selective updates. Is there any way to update only the virus scan / firewall and not the securtiy center. I do not want to update my security center till the problem is solved and also do not want the popup warning message every few minutes reminding to update the McAfee.




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                Hey krish,

                If your security center is running on 9.15 you should be probably having the previous version of McAfee : that says Am I protected YES in the main interface.

                Could you please click on Useful links at the top of this page and get conneted to our technicians so that they diagnose the reason for the Bsod and get it resolved.




                Dinesh K

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