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    SG560 Update 3.1.5 to 4.0.8 IPv6 support disappearing?



      I've been using an SG560 as local dhcp relay and ipsec tunnel endpoint since 2007.


      I had to do some tweakings to get radvd to announce the right prefix and manualy create the ipv6 tunnels, which worked perfectly if you knew which commands and variables to use in the'custom firewall' shell skript.


      Unfortunately the dhcp-relay did not support ipv6 in 3.1.5 and also the radvd could not yet announce RDNS Servers, so only autoconfiguration did work.


      In the release notes of 4.0.8 I read that the dhcp tools were updated to the ISC Version 4, which does fully support ipv6. So I upgraded to 4.0.8.


      My previous config was imported, I still got my correct radvd.conf and my custom rules which would setup all the ipv6 tunnels, but I can't find the radvd executable nor does the kernel seem to be ipv6 enabled.


      Did I miss something? Did McAfee get rid of IPv6 (now that native ipv6 is quite a requiremet for routers and firewalls)?


      Is this going to be fixed in a future release, or to which older release do I have to downgrade?





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          IPv6 was disabled on the SG560 due to flas memory space issues in version 4

          The GUI for IPv6 also needs further polishing, but will not happen due to the product being EOL

          The latest 3.1 version should have it still have IPv6, but due to pretty much zero customer uptake of this feature during this period, you may find issues there.

          And being an old release, updates won't occur if issues are found.