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    Neverwinter Nights 2 (Steam)


      the NWN2.EXE for the Steam version of Neverwinter Nights 2 is being detected as Artemis!F0775F35ADF2


      Now I can't even play the game. I have used McAfee since around 1991. The last couple of years have been very dissapointing. Since when is it a good idea to no give a user the option to trust a file and exclude it from scanning to avoid problems like this. All I can do is submit the files then wait untill McAfee decides to fix the problem. What if this was a file which is system critical to a small bussiness user? What then?


      I am giving McAfee one last year. If this continues I will have to find another solution. I service computers and networks for small bussiness solutions and have always recommended McAfee. I am starting to have my doubts on doing so in the future.

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          Artemis is very sensitive re detecting so if you get what you feel is a false positive follow what I post below


          Send the file to mcafee labs at http://vil.nai.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx




          Zip the file and password it with password infected.




          You will probably get an autoreply back saying it is infected; reply asking for it to be manually tested.




          Include in your first submission :-


          Submission Information
          Please provide the following information along with your sample. It will help us speed the sample review process:




          · A list of all files contained in the sample submission, including a brief description of where or how you found them


          · What makes you feel it is not malicious



          · Your McAfee product information (product name, engine, and DAT version


          · Any system details that may be relevant (operating system, service packs, etc.)



          They will auto reply back it is Artemis!F0775F35ADF2 and then you reply that you feel it is a false detection and add the above info and  ask for a manual check. If it is false you should be up again in a day.

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            I sent it via "sumbit file"  It was 14.5 with the latest dat file. I just installed the game via steam download. So it most likely is a false possitive.  Currently I have uninstalled Mcafee and I do not seem to be able to install the Beta version which gives the error 12152 when trying to download the files. I have joined the Beta Community and it seems they have pulled the beta except for a select few at the moment. This would have allowed me to Trust the file by using the beta from what I have read.

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              Hi Spectrex,


              Error 12152 usually means a network or server error interrupted the process and if you keep trying it will eventually clear.   I just tried the beta download and it works fine for me.


              By the way, I see in your signature, which you currently have chosen not to display, you mention a 2008 product which of course is now obsolete, so you may wish to revise that at some stage.


              Hope that helps.

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                Thank You.. I didn't notice that. Updated!

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                  Glad to help, Happy New Year.