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    uvscan magnetic tapes?

      I've been tasked to build a system using Solaris 10 and VirusScan for UNIX 6.0  to virus scan magnetic tapes that we receive.  I've explained that I don't think we can do that -- that is has to be a filesytem for uvscan to work and magnetic tape cannot be mounted as a filesystem.   Do any of you know if there's a way to virus scan magnetic tape or at least confirm what I've already said.


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          I think you're right with the fact that you can scan a tape as it isn't a mountable file system as such.


          I'm assuming that this media is some form of back-up from somewhere that you need to process safely. In which case during the 'restore' process the data from the tapes will be written to a hard-drive somewhere, at which point it will be in a format that it can be AV scanned.


          If your customer/management is worried about infection from these tapes then you could do the restore/scanning on a isolated/non-networked computer and then transfer safely, once checked, to your production environment.


          Wild thoughts.....

          You could build your scanning PC as a bootable CD environment. Worried about infection? Reboot, Clean . I know this is possible in Linux, not sure how easy it's in Solaris

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            Thanks for the answer -- I have determined that it is not technically feasible to do what they want done in the spirit they want it done.  I have decided to address this with process rather than technology -- those who send us tapes will have to submit a certificate that the contents were scanned before the tape was made.   Problem solved.   Thanks again.