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    VIKIPIKI Virus



      I recently purchased an External Hard-disk and it has got a hidden folder in it which is named "VIKIPIKI" which contains and exe file named



      The problem is that I format my hard-disk and open it, it is completely empty except the hidden system volume folder in it.

      But as soon as I disconnect and then reconnect, the VIKIPIKI folder shows up again. What would it most-likely be??


      I am very frustrated now!!!


      Please help me!!!



      Thank You in advance.

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          Peter M

          Was this hard drive already used by someone else?


          In your main operating system under Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management does this 'hidden' partition show up?


          If so can't you simply format or delete it there?

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            I guess it was, I bought from one of my friend.

            It is not a hidden partition, shows up in disk management as New Volume h.

            When i press format, it says:


            The Volume New Volume (H:) Primary partition is currently in use. To force the format of this volume click yes.

            WARNING: Forcing a format might cause unexpected errors in the application that is using the volume. Do you want to continue?



            Then I press yes. And there is no file left except for System Volume Information which is a hidden folder.


            When I unplug it and the plug it in again, The hidden folder "VIKIPIKI" with an exe file "RAJLAUS.EXE" appears again.

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              Peter M

              I gather it is undetected by McAfee which means it may not be a malicious file.   I would suggest submitting it to McAfee but that would probably be rather difficult under the circumstances.


              Download, update and run a full scan of that drive using the FREE version of THIS software.

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                Thank You for you help. I will download it and try running it. If it does not  workout will send the virus file to McAfee lab.


                I also have another problem which is that whenever I open google chrome or any other browser, after sometime, a new tab automatically opens with an unknown website.


                what is this? Its surely not a popup as it happens with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer!!!

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                  Peter M

                  OK you may in fact have some sort of spyware onboard.   That software should take care of it.


                  Regarding the first issue I was thinking what might happen if you deleted the partition under Disk Management.   Then used a proprietary partition manager to merge it with the rest of that disk.


                  In the process of doing that anything should be wiped.


                  Anyway that's just an idea, proceed with that software and let's see what happens.



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                    I downloaded that software and run a full scan of my C drive and it detected 8 objects. This is surprising, McAfee was not able to detect it and the software you gave quickly detected it.


                    worm.Autorun in jahcii.exe


                    worm.Palevo in Registery


                    I am putting another scan... lets see.

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                      Peter M

                      Interesting....no antivirus in the world can detect everything unfortunately.  What Malwarebytes can catch and McAfee miss one minute could be reversed the next.   Besides MBAM works on different principles and is a good supplement to keep around to any antivirus one has.

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                        Peter M

                        What about scanning that other drive?

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                          While I asked it to delete all the affected files, it deleted some and then displayed a popup asking to restart. I have restarted the pc and the scan is running on the E and F Drive, it has scanned 28000 files approx and not detected anything yet.


                          I guess I did something wrong by restarting?

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