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    System Tool 2011

      With real time scanning of everything possible activated, this virus got on my machine.  Three months ago there was posted a YTube video on how to get rid of it.


      Just thought you should know that McAfee does not keep this one from getting installed.



      Good Luck.


      Oh.  I tried to find the place to email this, but as usualy, your web site is hell to navigate.  Can't find anything at all useful anywhere on it.


      Mark Brifman

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          I'd just like to say, Most anti virus's miss this virus.


          It looks like Ad-ware, something McAfee can remove, but it is Malware, something I don't think McAfee go into Malware as much detail as Malwarebytes.


          System Tool is also now being called Security Shield.


          Like this. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=71262

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            Well, I figured out how to get it off from a different computer.



            OHHH.  First - thank you for the fast response.  Better than I could get anywhere else.


            My complaint is as much about not being able to email anyone that you can find on the site as much as anything else.  The web site is a nightmare of inefficiency and "hide and seek".


            Thank you again.  Truly.



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              Yea, same deal.

              Had it twice, removed it myself.

              So, if an illiterite like me can remove it, why can't Mcafee?


              My brother has a newer machine with Norton and after running Norton 5 times, the System Toool2011 was stopped.


              I'll never waste money on McAfee again.


              Going back to AVG and will pay for the Malwarebyte.



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                Hello Dennis,

                It is usual for Anti Viruses to miss this, because it manipulates their Scan engines, so that they can't scan, It's kind of like if you delete the McAfee folder with the files in, it won't work, or scan, rendering it useless.

                I would guess that Norton has updated their definitions of Malware recently, Malwarebytes is the best/a good way of getting rid of it.




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                  Hello Mark, I am glad that you got you're problem with "System Tool 2011" sorted out.

                  The most likely way to get System tool, is by clicking on a link on facebook, so I advise you to watch where you click.

                  Good Luck!

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                    I got this on Christmas Eve (clicking on a Forbes.com link from Yahoo) which resulted in an unfortunate chain of events that lead to my harddrive being erased by the Office Depot "tech" guy and McAffee installed.


                    It is really dissapointing McAffee doesn't stop it; it's the reason I paid for it.  So all McAffee really does is drastically slow down my system.

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                      This is a spyware.


                      shut down the computer and keep Tapping the F8 key so it will take you to the Advanced Boot option.

                      So after that log into safe mode


                      check on the all programs or the Desktop screen whether you can see any icon of system tool ot Security Shield

                      Just Right Click and Select Properties

                      In the Properties window you need to select the  Button Find Target or the Open File location

                      And you can see the icon of system tool or the security shield there

                      so delet it and restart the system ...thats it.. its fixed


                      And the system Tool and the Security Shield are not the same and they are different


                      Reply me if any issue