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    8.7.0i default access protection password


      While trying to clear up some issues on my daughter's laptop, I noticed the access protection and buffer overflow protection services were disabled and grayed out. I came here and searched of a solution when I discovered a registry change that can be made to the access protection setting from value 0 to value 1, which I executed. The access protection immediately went "enabled" however remains grayed out. I then attempted to change the registry setting for the buffer overflow protection from value 0 to value 1 however, this change is rejected. Upon further digging on this site, I discovered that I merely need to enter a password to gain full access to the user interface (probably all I needed to do in the first place) however, I am prompted for a password of which I never created, to the best of my recollection. Now, I need to enter said password in order to perform any further actions in 8.7.0i. Just for the heck of it, I tried every common password I may have used including a blank password but none work. Is there a default password or can this password be changed in the registry so I can proceed or am I just toast?