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    Trusted sites.


      Still need some assistance with this info...

      I am not sure how this all works but in my McAfee firewall settings under Networks I have one instance of a range of IP addresses listed as a "Trusted" site. In the Description it says "Automatically added by trusted private network." Is this my ISP or what? I tried to remove it and when I rebooted my computer the same range of addresses came back as trusted. Just trying to learn how this all works, since in my recent events log under Internet and Network and Inbound Events it gives date, time, etc. and an IP address within the trusted range and it says "A computer at home attempted an unsolicitated connection to UDP port 3957 on your computer.The source IP is a 'non-routeable' IP." It could not be traced.

      Any info on this would be greatly appreciated as I am somewhat paranoid of my computer being hacked after reading everything that has been going on.




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          Hi markiebeau,



          When creating entries in the banned IP list, be careful not to include the IP address of your computer, or your local subnet, as this can cause network connectivity problems.The added IP address should be one among your computer or local subnet. If you suspect, please follow the below steps and verify the IP and proceed accordingly;


          Determine the IP address for your computer

          1. From the Start menu click Run, type cmd, and click OK.
            Windows Vista users must access the command prompt by selecting Search in the Start menu, typing cmd, then double-clicking cmd in the search results window.
          2. In the command prompt window, type ipconfig /all and press ENTER.
          3. Write down your IP address..

          Verify your IP address is not on the banned IPs list

          1. From the McAfee Security Center, Home, select Internet & Network, and click Configure on the right panel.
          2. Click Advanced and select Trusted and Banned IPs.
          3. In the pull down menu, select Banned IP Addresses.
          4. Verify your computer's own IP address and subnet are not listed


          If you find the added IP to be unknown, then you can go ahead and ban them as required



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            Still need some help with this.....

            I believe you misunderstand or I haven't explained well enough. Please refer to my original post.

            There is an IP address is listed in "the range" section of trusted sites. But why is it a range like to Also under recent events it says " I have an unsolicitated attempt to connect to a certain port from this IP address" under Internet and Network, Inbound Events. The source IP is in that "range". Host name says "home", event information says "UDP port number 3957".

            Then it says "the source IP is a non routeable IP". Please explain. Is my own computer or ISP trying to connect to a port on my computer?? I need to know what's going on. Again, please refer to my original post. I am not trying to add IPs as trusted sites.



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              Alright...I've done some investigating and found out that the "home" IP that attempted an unsolicitated connect to a certain port on my computer is my own wireless gateway router. I turned it off and back on...did this perhaps cause this message?

              Probly not the right place to post this. Any suggestions?