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    Request for help removing all McAfee remnants from my PC


      I have been trying to remove McAfee from my parents' computer but there is some remnant which keeps causing an error message upon logon. The message tells me to reinstall McAfee Security Center. It is not wanted anymore because it has repeatedly failed to identify viruses and malware on their computer... 13 infections while McAfee was in use. They have switched to a different software for secuity but McAfee software seems to want to keep a hold on their computer even though everything has been supposedly uninstalled... nothing remains in Add/Remove Programs as far as I can tell.


      BTW, I use McAfee enterprise for my business computers and they also got infected with the System Tool 2011 virus. It was debilitating. When I called McAfee technical support for business, I was informed by the person who answered the phone that McAfee had not received any reports of such a virus and that they could not do anything to help me. It is unfortunate that McAfee allows this infection which is quite aggressive. As far as I can tell, there were many people posting to many web sites about this issue over the past few weeks so it is hard to believe that McAfee was not aware of it. The free version of Malwarebytes appears to properly deal with it thankfully. Hoping that McAfee will address the issue quickly. Ironically, I update my McAfee dat file frequently and had updated on December 24th... got infected on December 25th! Not good.


      Thank you for any assitance you can provide.


      Happy to provide any additional information required in order to deal with this issue completely. I have already tried the MCPR.exe program but am still getting the nag message about McAfee Security Center on my parents' computer.

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          There is no such thing as the perfect protection software, so what one will detect another might not and vice versa the next time around, so it's your choice of course, but I think most antivirus applications would have problems with System Tool 2011 which is a fake antimalware programme and relies on people clicking links to activate.


          That's why there are specialised tools out there such as MalwareBytes Free which would probably handle that sort of thing better than any antivirus will.   Another one is SuperAntispyware Free.   Both worth a try, but make sure to update them before running.


          Googling System Tool 2011 reveals several links to removal and here's one:  http://www.spywareremove.com/removeSystemTool2011.html


          To uninstall McAfee Home Products completely use the MCPR removal tool and reboot immediately when asked to.   It is linked under Useful Links above.



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            I know for a fact that the only way to get rid of System Tool 2011 is using Malwarebytes in Safe Mode.


            (Possibly not the only way but it worked for someone I was helping)



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              Thank you Conor. Appreciate your reply. Gave you "helpful" because the answer really didn't address the subject line issue but it is true. Sincerely appreciate your willingness to help.

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                Thank you for the helpful reply Ex_Brit. As mentioned in my post, I have used the MCPR tool and found it did not stop the problem initially. However, I reapplied the process four times repeatedly on each user account with permissions and it seems to have finally worked.


                I am appalled at the response from McAfee regarding System Tool 2011... "it is not a virus"?... seems like McAfee is quibbling about semantics when the fact is that this thing is more malicious/tenacious than many of the things that are addressed my McAfee. It took over almost total control of my system and would not let me do anything except offer to pay to clean it up. Very nasty one that should be addressed by McAfee... regardless of whether it is technically a "virus" or not. Based on my research, it looks like this thing has been around for years in various forms so I think it is inexcusable that McAfee is not addressing it.


                Regardless of my thoughts though... I truly appreciate your willingness to assist and the information you provided. Thank you!



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                  Glad it worked finally.

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                    Sorry but what I meant was, McAfee missed it, other AV's have missed it, I've heard of other AV's completely missing it.


                    The only probable thing to kill it is Malwarebytes and/or Spybot.


                    It is Malware disguised as Ad-ware. (which is why McAfee probably missed it)