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    Help!  Christmas virus

      I opened my laptop and discovered it was overtaken by some bug controlling my desktop.  It wants me to submit credit card info in return for software fix. I thought I was protected by McAfee!!!! I'm writing this from my wife's Mac.  Help!  I'm not a computer expert.

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                  Could you please let me know the following information...




          1. Name of the virus  (Ex: Security tool,Anti virus 2011, etc......).


            2.   Check the DAT Version of virus scan.


          To check the DAT version In McAfee windows Click -> Navigation(In Top Right hand Side) -> About (In left hand side).


          Underneath the Virus Scan you can see DAT version.


            3.  And have you run scan in McAfee ?.

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            thanks for your quick response.  A new file "system tools" is on my desktop and I noticed the following code in one of the files "Lasas,Blaster, Key logger".   Again i'm not techy savvy about this stuff. I noticed someone yesterday suggested a download fix to be used by opening computer in "safe mode" but it wouldn't execute.

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              Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


              This document from McAfee will assist you with your issue(s). Please be sure to follow the steps and run the Stinger scan which is included within the link. If none of the suggestions resolve your issue, you may want to consider trying the following free program. You may need to download this onto a usb stick and rename the download and installation files to something you can easily remember because malware is written to self protect itself. When you rename the program the malware no longer sees it as threat thus allowing you to proceed. When you get the program installed check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds. When you are finished reboot the computer and let us know if the issue still persists or if you need any further assistance. The free version of this program is found here


              Good Luck

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                Sorry I won't be able to get at my computer for another hour to get your specific info.  I noticed others were having similar problems yesterday and assumed by now that there would be a standard fix.   i appreciate your help.

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                  thank you ... I'll give that a try.

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                    Peter M

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                      I finally resolved the "System Tools" virus by logging on to malwayrebytes.org.   That then led me to PC Tools which I installed ... and purchased.  I then was assisted by one of their phone support ... but by that time the pc tools software solved my problem and the tech support merely provided some addition info about the software.   All for $49 for one year subscription which is about half of what McAfee would charge to solve this  one problem.   Bye Bye McAfee ... !!!!

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                        Peter M

                        No antivirus of any brand can guarantee 100% protection.  These fake antimalware applications aren't caught usually by any of them as they work in a specialized manner, that's why there are specialized tools out there.


                        Glad it's fixed and good luck.