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    trojan found, but SiteAdvisor says file is ok

      Looks like this is similar to threads:




      file:  JF-Utility.exe      (on cd from 2005.  now deleted from my hard drive & usb memory stick!)

      vs trojan result:  Artemis!F4B52E1487B2

      SiteAdvisor:   http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/transcendusa.com?ref=safesearch&aff_id=571&prem ium=false&suite=true&client_ver=2.8.306&locale=en-US


      Totally frustrating.  After spending ages looking in the help to find out how to add this to the "trusted files" looks like it can't be done, and appears (according to thread above) to be a known issue - although how to get this resolved is not clear.   Any ideas?