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    Problem with Adware-Loudmo.g

      I ran a full system scan and it detected this "potentially unwanted program". I then attempted to quarantine it but it says unable to delete and the red bar at the top still says "Your computer is at risk". I contacted technical support as the McAfee virus scan page told me to and the technician said I would have to get an expert to remove it. In other words pay the $89.95 fee for virus removal. I do not understand why they can't remove it for me as we pay for an anti-virus software subscription in the first place and I have read other posts about people having problems with different adware types. I am not savvy with a computer at all... except for playing games and surfing the internet. Does anyone have any advice/answers that will help me solve this problem without having to go to the virus removal professionals? thanks

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          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting This document will assist you with any virus or malware issues you may be facing. Please be sure to follow the suggestions in the link and be sure to run the McAfee stinger scan which is included within the link.


          If you still have this issue after completing the above, you may want to try to run the free version of this program http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php You may need to download this onto a usb stick from a non infected pc and when you download it rename the download and installation files to something you can easily remember because virus and malware are written to self protect themselves. When you rename the files, they are no longer seen as a threat thus allowing installation to proceed. After you install them check for the lates updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer. www.superantispyware.com is another free program that you could try to get another opinion. Just follow the same instructions as above and let us know if the issue is resolved.


          I have never found a antivirus security program from any vendor that will prevent 100 percent protection 100 percent of the time because the authors of the bad stuff are constantly writing this stuff to compromise security. I can assure you of one thing that if you didn't have any protection you probably would have had issues long ago.


          Good Luck

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            awesome. thank you, i will try this for sure

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              This was an easy fix. First locate the file. McAfee scan will tell you where it is located. When the file is located, click on the arrow next to the file and it will tell you where the file is at( it might look like this C:\Users\users\Downloads\Setup.exe). It depends what folder it is in. If it is in a Documents folder then it might look like this" C:\Users\users\Documents\Setup.exe" the file Setup.exe is the culprit. The file will not be named Loudmo.g, most likely it will be Setup.exe so you can identify it by that name and date. You can also use your Virus protection to scan that file only (once found) by right clicking the file and select scan with whatever virus protection you are using.  Now you should have Identified the file by this time.  Now go to command prompt and get inside the directory were the file is located. It should be a Setup.exe file. Type DEL Setup.exe and it's gone.  If you are not to good with Dos you can get easy instructions by using Google .  My bad file was in the directory Downloads,  so at the command prompt (now pay attention to spacing and capitalization) I typed "cd Downloads",(cd is for "change directory") so it may look something like this-- C:\Users\users>cd Downloads. This puts me in the Downloads folder where my infected file is located. Now type DIR, this will show you what is in the directory or folder(same thing). You should see the file by name and date. Be sure it is the file you want to delete. Now that you are in the right folder just type DEL Setup.exe. Go look in the folder in Windows and it will be gone. If the file is still visible in Command prompt or the Dos window(same thing), don't worry, close out command and re-open and you will see that it is gone. Problem Fixed. I did this from knowing some Dos from way back and It was simple. Don't be afraid to try, it is easy, Google navigation in Dos and you will see how easy it is. Remember it is just a matter of taking the right path. Get familiar with file structure and it's no problem. EASY FIX.    http://www.watchingthenet.com/how-to-navigate-through-folders-when-using-windows -command-prompt.html


              THIS WILL WORK



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