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    What is going on with the VirusScan Updates!?

      I have been trying to manually update my DAT files since yesterday and I keep getting a message that my files are up do date. I currently have DAT file 6207 which was updated on 12/24/2010. What is going on with the updates? They haven't been working properly all year. Ever since I became a McAfee customer, my settings have been set at autoupdates. Since May, I rarely get an autoupdate. I have to manually update my files everyday. I have a dial-up connection and I think that has something to do with these issues. I know there have been several complaints about this but nothing has been done. I have McAfee Security version 10.5 which features VirusScan version 14.5. Are there any problems with the VirusScan updates? What is the current DAT file?  Is there a reason why I can't manually update? Thanks in advance.