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    How to exclude network drives from a scan

      Dear Sir or Madame,

      I have McAfee Total Protection and every so often it performs a scan of my computer. However, I've noticed that in addition to scanning my local hard drive, it's trying to scan virtual drives as well across my office network. That's not necessary and it hugely increases the time it takes to complete a scan. Yet, I don't see any place to define which drives are scanned, either under "Scheduled Scan Settings" or "Real Time Scan Settings." It must be possible to change the setting that controls which drives are scanned, but I don't see where it would be.

      Please advise!

      Thank you,


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          Hi jake,


          While McAfee scans for all files and folders in the computer , you can still exclude certain drives so at your convenience, Please follow the below instruction to exclude network drives .


          Under Home screen of Mcafee , click on Real time protection : On

          Then click on Real time scan settings

          Click on Scan setting

          Uncheck the option - Network drives.

          Click on Apply and OK


          From the subsequent scan network drives should be ommitted .



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