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    Mobile Phone Security - Beware of Ransomware attacks

      The smart and mobile phone environments continue to be subject to malware attacks. Folks should stay patched up as applicable and avoid installing any software components that are not fully trusted :eek:

      Crimeware goes Mobile
      http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2008/03/04/crimeware-goes-mobil e/

      QUOTE: A week after Mcafee Avert Labs found WinCE/InfoJack, we’ve run across more malware in China. This time the malware, running on Symbian Series 60 phones, attempts to extort money from users. SymbOS/Kiazha.A displays a message telling the user to send RMB 50 (approx. $7) to the malware author in order to regain use of the phone. The message roughly translated states: “Warning: Your device has been affected, please prepare a recharge card of RMB 50 yuan and connect QQ[id removed] account , or your phone will be paralysed!!!

      SymbOS/Kiazha.A Trojan information

      QUOTE: SymbOS/Kiazha.A is a trojan that attempts to extort money from device user. It is distributed as a component of SymbOS/MultiDropper.CR.