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    Dec. 25 DAT update.


      I noticed there is no DAT update for Dec. 25th. (today).

      Is our computer's security on vacation as well?

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          I have noticed that too i thought something was wrong with my antivirus am glad am not the only one that noticed it i even manually check and still nothing

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            This notification was sent out earlier in the week via McAfee SNS service to subscribers.


            • Early Releases
              On December 24th and 31st, the DAT files will be released earlier than normal.  The target release time is 14:00 GMT, which is 2 hours earlier than our normal target release schedule.
            • No Releases
              On December 25th and January 1st, there will be no scheduled DAT releases.
            • Beta DAT and Extra.DAT availability
              The Beta DAT files will be automatically produced on all days (December 24th, 25th, 31st, and January 1st), and  Extra.DAT files will be provided for customer submissions.
            • Emergency Releases
              McAfee Labs will provide an emergency DAT release if a malware emergency occurs during this time and an emergency release is required to resolve the issue.


            McAfee Support Notification Service (SNS) provides valuable information to help you maximize the functionality and protection capabilities of your McAfee products.
            To manage your SNS email preferences, please go to the SNS Subscription Center at http://my.mcafee.com/content/SNS_Subscription_Center

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              OK thanx. Never got the notice. Went to sign up, but it looks like it's for a business.

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                Peter M

                That info/newsletter is for business customers but the DAT taking a holiday would apply to both Enterprise and Consumer products.



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                  Yeah sorry about that...the holiday bit and all. I get a bit concerned when things seem amiss with my computer's protection.