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    McAfee Subscription Nasty pop-up

      I was their when Mcafee used to make their money from Microsoft and IBM not from us the users. I was also there when Norton started to sell their products through marketting channels. I wonder were I'm today.


      I have bought McAfee in the Last five years and funny that some how I uninstalled their product or got a pop-up saying my subscription expiered. I trusted them and went and bought another one. when the second one expired and find that I can log into an old account that I had with different email address found that I was scammed paying for same service for a personal computer twice... I wonder how many people falled into this trick... of course there was no returned of my hard earning money as it was an easy gain for them... so I'm careful since then as I learned my listen.

      Now I upgraded 2009 and then 2010 to what they call subscription but in fact the $$ is like paying for a totally new software. ... and that in itself another scam. the software should not need to be upgraded that frequently unless there is a fault in it. Now I am getting the very annoing subscribition alert as security alert so they can bug me to subscrib so they can get their mony in Christmas. how much well ... what they are calling upgrade this year is "$59" after discount as if this ~$60 is no mony .... I have to ask myself and the other subscriber especially thos who like me who used Mcafee since beginig and felt like it was time to pay off ... but now that is over you guys should have made enough money now and its time to be just.


      I request the following which is a reasonable subscription every year which will be a max of $10 to mentain the purchase software.

      we do not want huge software to exhaust our computers of memeory and "NO" pop-ups till their is a real threats.

      if you want a reminder of supscriptions to be through emails (once or twice "ONLY") and not through access to our personal computers cause that what we bought you for from the getgo ... to protect external access by introuder.


      to conclude I went to check future shop and found the new total protection 2011 is on sale today for $23 Canadian ... wonder how stupid I would be to pay McAfee for downlad for 2010 upgrade $59...and would not be sure if even its 2011 or just upgrade.



      I need to remove that annoying faulty pop-up for subscription securtity alert ASAP please because its annoying me as you can see.


      Thanks for your years of service and hope your new managment do better service for us in the near future as it used to do years back.



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          Yes those prices are worth hunting for. The 2011 is actually 2010 fully updated to current. 2011 is in beta testing now and will be released or rather will upgrade your version in the new year probably late Qtr 1. It has some features worth the wait for.


          Re popup did you register with same email address and details. If not you may need to contact Chat for customer services the links are in the Customer services link in useful links tab above. If you ysed same and popup there try chat as well. These popups can be annoying.