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    Full scan stalls

      When I try to run a full scan the scan stalls at C:\.......S1WW.CAB and will not continue. What does this mean and can anyone help resolve the issue?

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          Me too i am also facing the similar problem

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            I've had this a couple of times. You can tell the scan to skip a particular file, which solves the immediate problem.


            The reason why it stops on this file is because a .CAB file is a compressed/zipped file, and these can be sometimes very large. The scanner has to unpack the file, extract the contents, uncompress each file inside, and examine it. Sometimes it just gets stuck.


            This CAB file I don't recognise, nor does my friend Google. Where is it in the directory structure, and how big is it?


            Mostly, don't worry if a scan gets stuck. Just note the place where it happens, tell the scan to Skip and move on, and come back later and try to scan the file(s) individually. Sometimes - often - that gets results.

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              I am also having this problem. The scan gets stuck at 9% while scanning a file called C:\...\Autodesk_3ds_Max_2010_English_WIN_32_64.exe. My question is : where would I find this file so I can remove it? I uninstalled Autodesk already but this file keeps hanging up my virus scan. Thanks.


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