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    What has happened to McAfee?

      Browsing through my local branch of PC World today, I was surprised to find NO McAfee products.  I visited two other PC World stores in the area and found the same.  I always used to buy my McAfee Antivirus Plus and prior to that, Antivirus and Firewall, all from PC World stores.  But after asking questions today, it would appear that they have stopped selling McAfee products.  I was told that if I wanted to buy McAfee products in future, I would have to purchase on line from McAfee.

      So what's going on?  Is this a backlash as a result of the nightmare of the McSVHost problem that bugged millions of people for most of this year?

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          This is for the UK, I take it? PC World is not advertising McAfee products on its consumer-oriented website, but McAfee is still there on the PC World Business site pages - see http://www.pcwb.co.uk/catalogue/item/MCAF014 and http://www.pcwb.co.uk/catalogue/item/C0011335.


          I've no idea why the single-user home version has disappeared, and it's probably not a good time right now to be trying to get an explanation out of them. Given the cut-throat world of retailing, I suspect that the words "profit margin" would be found in any honest explanation, if any such were forthcoming.

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            Hmmm.   Strange.   I just found that Staples are selling the McAfee products for 2011, but what is even more confusing is that they have the McAfee Anti-Virus Plus for 2011 (single user), which is the one that I usually buy, priced at £34.03 (excl VAT) and McAfee Internet Security 2011 - 3 User, priced at £21.26 (excl. VAT).  The descriptions for both are more or less the same, so why two products priced so differently?

            On-line McAfee are selling the Anti-Virus Plus for £44.99, which when compared to the VAT inclusive price of £39.99 for the Staples boxed copy is way over the top.

            But what is most confusing is that on the McAfee site products page, comparing the Antivirus Plus with Internet Security, the Antivirus Plus is the more expensive, but the Internet Security product shows more features.  It just doesn't make sense.

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              Peter M

              Comparison of the products here: http://home.mcafee.com/store/ProductComparison.aspx


              I would go for the cheapest place for whatever product you choose.