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    McAfee Security Center Infected & registry problems?

      1.I have been having a lot of performance issues that I thought was due to virus or malware..have run several tools in safe mode.&/or .system restore disabled..nothing found..bought PC Advisor from Parotologic was supposed to correct the 400 registry errors it found and make me "more healthy"  and paid for them to take over and maximize my PC. Helped some but they found no virus with their tools either.when trying to look at Stinger"s .opt file  box said couldn't open .opt (earlier something said I couldn't open .dll files and wanted me to buy something... Microsoft sent back to buy PC Advisor again or a couple other registry fixers(pc advisor hadn't worked)  ..(.Is there a free registry fixer?) while preparing to use Malwarebytes virus tool..site said to first run Registry Mechanic... it found 935 registry errors and said my system was very unhelathy.& for 29.95 they'd fix it. The registry errors appeared to be almost all in the PROGRAMS files..(some were in add/remove programs) Tried to do defrag in safe mode..after running klez and finding no infection.. defrag wouldn't start by double clicking nor rt.click and clicking run nor run as administrator..should that happen???How important is it to fix these errors and to be able to open .opt and .dll files?  The registry errors are  causing performance problems aren't they????

        2. McAfee Security center running in Vista on my Dell Inspiron is acting really wierd..whole system has slowed down too..for a month or so (why I've suspected infection) and I found the "quarantined potentially unwanted programs" to be full of cookies when I finally found it &  opened it..(dated since june)..a zillion of them..took forever to open and when it finally did, after NOT RESPONDING a lot & saying"this program is running a script that is causing In.explorer to respond slowly" task manager would show running for couple seconds then not responding couple seconds back and forth..Finally they all loaded in the box..I hit "select all" which took forever to hilite, then I hit delete and after a lonnnnnnng time they disappeared from the box..but status wheel was still spinning...stopping ...spinning... stopping.Went back in later and the darn cookies are still there..Do you think McAfee is infected(hiding really well cause about 6 tools & multiple scans run showed no infection anywhere ) or corrupted?? I've got the McAfee disk that came with the puter..I looked in program files to see if I could find the folder that holds the quarantined potentially unwanted programs with the thought that I'd delete them there, but couldn't tell what folder they were in..Right now I'm trying to bring up the quarantined p.u.p.s and it's freezing again and my cursor is blinking on and off.( No scan is running)..There was a file called "custom uninstall" in the program file that I think I had to use to completely get rid of McAfee once before,if I remember right(yes it says reinstalled 12-23-2008on the cover..wierd exactly 2 yrs ago). Do you think I should uninstall?? I had a notation in my log that I had called McAfee then.. Help please..again...and Happy Holidays.

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          Hello again,

            Well, you do seem to be having a bad time. From what you describe you've got several things to sort out, and I hardly know where to start. I haven't got much time to spend on this, 'cos here it's the early hours of Christmas morning and I'm ready for bed.


          First, the cookies. McAfee stores them in encrypted form in a special directory. It's possible to delete them from Windows Explorer without having to use the Delete function in Security Center, which takes (and don't I know it) forever to get rid of them once the numbers begin to swell. However, the name of that directory escapes me - Peacekeeper was the one who pointed out the way to do it, so perhaps you might have to ask him for advice on how to do it.


          Second, all those tools and utilities that offer to "fix" the registry (for a price!) are suspect. I advise you not to use them at this stage. There are other things that you could try doing first :

          - apart from the full McAfee scan, which I am supposed to mention first, there are scanning tools available from Microsoft here. I suggest you choose the right one for your OS and run the whole bunch - safety scan, disk cleanup, disk defrag. These tools are pretty good, and will help you some, at least.

          - Run the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, which you can download from here. Okay, it's intended for small or medium-sized businesses, so you have to tweak a few settings, but it'll identify any problem areas relating to your security and show you how to fix them.

          - If you haven'tgot CCleaner, I recommend it to clear out unwanted files from your disk. This also has a registry cleaner, but I'm in two minds over  whether to advise you to use it. If you do, examine carefully any registry issues that it raises before you go ahead and 'fix' them. Some people have reported problems after doing just that, although CCleaner is one of the safer reg cleaners around. Download CCleaner from here - it's free, and they're a reputable outfit. Piriform also do a disk defragmenter called Defraggler, and a system information tool called Speccy, both of which are free and both worth having. Spend a little time finding out about what they can do for your PC.

          - If you've got performance problems, see what's running on your system. Lots of programs kick in at startup that you don't need until you need them, and they soak up resources and slow you down.I recommend Process Explorer from SysInternals, although there are some other good ones. You need to be able to stop unwanted programs and processes from autostarting every time you boot up the PC, but that's another couple of paragraphs and I think we've got enough to go on for the moment.

          - Finally, try not to assume that performance problems are necessarily caused by the Windows registry. There may, but only may, be a connection. It's best to try all the other possibilities first - especially if they're fairly certain to deliver you something in the way of benefits.


          That's all for now. If no-one else picks up on this, I'll be back around later today. Let me know how you get on with these suggestions, and if necessary we can move on to the malware/spyware/adware detection aspects.

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            Virus was cured by Microsoft PC Safety 866-727-2338 for Free!!!!!!  Karthick T  $89.95 session said I didn't have a virus even tho I gave him the file path and the name of the Virus  Exploit:Java/CVE-2010-0840.W

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              solved by Microsoft PC Safety   866-727-2338