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    100% CPU usage

      Hi everyone, whenever I run a virus scan, I get 100% CPU usage. Does anyone know how I can fix this? My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, I'm using a AMD Sempron processor, and I have 2 gigs of RAM.

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          Hi Gene,

          Could you please lt me know the version of your McAfee virus scan,(Click on Navigation - Click on About)

          What  is the DAT version installed in the security center ? (Click on Navigation - Click on About)

          Do you receive any virus alerts in the computer ? What were the results of McAfee scan

          Also, let us know if you have any other security software installed in the machine ?




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Hi Dinesh, I'm using version 14.5 (virus scan). The build is 14.5.130, the DAT version is 6204, and the engine version is 5400.1158.


            For Security Center, the version is 10.5, and the build is 10.5.221.


            I ran a full scan, and no threats were detected. No, I never received any virus alerts. And no, I don't have any other security software installed in my computer.

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              Hi Gene,

              Usually this happens on machines where there exists or existed a different security scanner or scan engine that runs in the back ground that normally hogs the CPU raising the usage upto 100 %. Please follow the below steps and let me know the status;


              Please check for windows update and install the latest from microsoft.
              Delete the temporary files & cookies
              Check for Updates from McAfee .

              Restart the computer and try scanning again


              Please get back to us with the results so as we could help you with it.!!!




              Dinesh K

              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                I get this a lot, but I usually battle through an extra 10 seconds of a page loading.

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                  Hi Dinesh, I did everything you suggested, but my problem still remains. I also noticed that I get 100% CPU usage whenever McAfee checks for, and downloads updates.


                  You said, "Usually  this happens on machines where there exists or existed a different  security scanner or scan engine that runs in the back ground that  normally hogs the CPU raising the usage upto 100 %."


                  My computer originally came installed with Norton Antivirus, but I never registered the software, and I uninstalled it, before installing McAfee. Is it possible that not all files associated with Norton Antivirus were removed, and now they're conflicting with McAfee Antivirus? I looked in my "Program Files" folder, and I didn't see any "Norton" or "Symantec" folders. Is there anywhere else I should look? Or is there some kind of program I can use to delete all traces of Norton Antivirus? Thanks for the help, Dinesh!

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                    Hi Gene-Kim, I had this same problem a while back.Not sure if they are related.Cpu was pegged at 100% during scan and updates.The computer was unusable.My problem was eventually solved.There was a fix rolled out at 1 time and i also had a remote session with costumer support.Still not sure what fixed it.I can tell you when you run a scan if you open your task manager and check processes.See if Mcshield.exe is eating up cpu.This would be the problem i had.Don`t know if that`s any help.But a place to start.There was also a differant problem with a driver issue.I will post the link for you.



                                                                                                                                    Good luck newjack



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                      Hi newjack, I checked processes while running a full scan, and "Mcshield.exe" was not eating up CPU. What's strange is, it said, "CPU Usage: 100%," on the very bottom of task manager, but all processes (except Mcshield.exe and firefox.exe *32), were at 0%. Mcshield.exe and firefox.exe *32 each used about 3% CPU. I'm really confused.

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                        If you start a scan see what process is eating up all the CPU.It could be Mcsvhost exe or another process.There was also a problem with Hp printer drivers that were not updated ....I think.Not sure if you have Hp.Also another driver i believe but this was a few months back and i don`t recall.If you can narrow down the process i`m sure you can recieve the help you need.Also you can go to the top of this page under useful links.Click tech support download mcafee virtual tech and see what that says.If that finds anything see if it fixes it.If not save the log and report back here with it.I am sure someone else can help with that.Another option is to run virtual tech.and if it comes back clean you could try tech support for free.This is at the same place you would download Mcafee virtual tech.-top of this page (useful links)              Good luck  newjack

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                          You can click the Microsoft flag on bottom  left and type msconfig in search box.Then when it opens check your start up programs.If there are any programs you no longer have or don`t need to start when your computer does,uncheck them.Also click flag again and type folder options.Click to open then click on view.click on show hidden files then apply.Then click computer  OS;\C you will see two folders that look like there lighter then the rest.

                          msocache and program data.Open each of these to see if there are old programs you no longer have ie norton.Be carefull not to delete anything your not sure of.When done reverse the folder process.Make sure you check back under view dont show hidden files.You can try this i don`t think it will hurt.But i think it may be a differant problem.But worth a shot.                                 newjack