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    Are these 2 threats false positives?

      Hi everyone, I ran a full scan, and I'm wondering if the two threats that were detected are false positives. The two threats were in my D drive, which is a recovery partition. Is it possible for a recovery partition to become infected by trojans and viruses?


      Here are the two threats that were detected:


      File name: wtsetup.exe
      Full Path: D:\i386\Apps\App01635\wtsetup.exe
      Name of threat: Artemis!A39659E25BDA (Trojan)



      File name: A0072084.exe

      Full Path: D:\System Volume Information\_restore{4E015214-6BB0-4181-B365-456CF1DEC069}\RP283\A0072084.exe

      Name of threat: Artemis!A39659E25BDA (Trojan)


      Are the two threats false positives, or are they really trojans? To me, the two files seem like legitimate recovery files. The two files have been quarantined, and I really want to know if I should delete them, or restore them.