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    Epo Policies replication to McAfee 8.7i

      Our current config is :


      VirusScan Enterprise


      Epo 4.5.0 ( build 753 )


      I added a new On-Access Default Processes Policies in pruduct type VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0 with a 8 exclusions. I added the policy to My organisation but the policy did not reach the clients. I added one computer as a test, the same the policy didn't ad the exclusions to the client.


      Is there a way to push the policy, and on the client side to see where the problm is why it didn't get the exclusion policy?


      Kind Regards

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          If you put a check in the box to select the machine and then select the "actions" button -> agent -> modify policies on a single machine


          This will allow you to "push", though it appears you may need to investigate where your inheritence is broken.


          Take a look at the branch of the system tree where this system is located to ensure that the policy is applied there and then just follow the branches back to the tree trunk to see where the error is.



          Hope this helps.






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            Yep, did this but on the client side nothing happens, the exceptions won't show up on the client side


            On epo if you look which policies are applied on the computer, and the policy is there

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              If you have verified that the new policy was received and enforced and you are still not seeing the exclusions in VSE, then I would open a support ticket as this is the most basic of behavior and I don't know how it could fail by something YOU are doing.


              Sorry I cannot help further on this issue.







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                Attila Polinger



                if you are willing to debug it yourself (and most likely, if you open the support call they would request you to do similarly in order to obtain information for them) , you could check out KB58966.

                According to this, firstly you could try loglevel 8 on the client where you have this policy enforcement issue. Once the enhanced logging level is set, then wait until next policy enforcement or make the client download/check for policies. In your log there should be now an error message (look for the time and date of the action) which applies to policy download or enforcement action failure (if any).


                Mostly these error can be further checked out in McAfee KB (if you want).



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                  Sorry for the late answer, very busy weeks...


                  Double checked every thing but the only strange fact I can see on the PC's now. It's working on a part of domain.


                  Not working on the pc's were only th V-shield Icon & Macafee icon shows up.


                  Working on the computer where a McAfee "M" shows.


                  What is the difference, both in the same groups of AD same MAfee install(by GPO)  

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                    Attila Polinger



                    Normally, McAfee Agent has some log files, in which policy enforcement problems and may other problems can be seen. That is the place we should look first. If you are ready to use that log file to find policy enforcement related errors, than please say so.

                    I think there is no AD related influence as far as VirusScan or McAfee Agent policy are concerned...


                    Also can you exactly tell us what kind of policy is not being enforced?


                    Thank you.