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    Hangs at Resetting hardware disabling mouse

      Good morning,

        I read the past post regarding this but I found no fix.

      I have an HP Mini 311 with insydeh20 bios f.15 (latest) running windows7 home premium (the business unit decided to go that route), I have 35 of these that need encryption I already have 200 encrypted laptops with XP(other HP models)

      I tried running EEPC with no encryption, no MBR updates, disabliing the setting "update the number of sides reported...." I reformatted and re partiotioned the disk to remove the recovery partition ( which I am going to retry in a different way)

      I researched these forums and many other tech forums and seems that McAfee has no fix/workaround.

      I am being pressured to find another solution which I do not wnat to do as I already have EEM in place and working to our expetations

      Please let me know if you have any solution