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    WinTech (SafeTech for Windows) MBR Question


      I need some clarification on something that is not documented in the WinTech and SafeTech Administration Guide PDF. There are three MBR-related commands, two of which are in the manual and a third which is not (at least in the version that comes with 5.2.5). I think I understand them as I've written in the table below.


      Disk Menu Restore MBRSets the MBR to BEFORE activation (encryption).
      Disk Menu Restore EEPC MBRSets the MBR to activated (encrypted) state
      WinTech Menu Set safe original MBRSeems to do the same as Restore EEPC MBR


      Have I got this right? Are there situations where "Set safe original MBR" does something different? Please advise.