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    Custom categories in version 7

      In 6.8 we had several custom categories of websites that we were able to recategorize to better identify web traffic. This option is greyed out in 7.0 and I was wondering when it will be available. I was told it would be "soon" by tech support back in June when I first started testing 7.0 and creating policies. Any idea when this functionality will be available? Thanks!

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          Tom I am running build 8505 which is not the latest and I can recategorize sites without issue.


          Go to Policy > Settings > Expand TrustedSource > select default > and under Extended list click add or edit to add or edit an extended list.



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            It really isn't a matter or recategorizing a site to McAfee's current categories. It is actually changing the categories to make reporting more meaningful and accurate. In 6.8 we could create user-defined categories and in 7.0 the option is greyed-out. I was told that it was a feature that was "coming soon" but that was 6 months ago. Attached is an image showing the differences between the versions.McAfee1.jpg



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              It is true, you cannot change the names of the User-Defined categories themselves, but you can have them written to the log files with different values with log handler rules.

              So if the category would normally log as "User-defined 1", you can replace the string with your own category name you want to show in reports using a ReplaceAll like this:

              String.ReplaceAll(User-Defined.CategoryNames,"User defined category 1","MyCustomCategory")


              See this thread for some more info on the rules needed.



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                No offense, but that work around sucks. For the amount of money my company has paid and keeps paying McAfee for a web filtering solution, it really feels like the MWG 7.0 is still a beta product that is not complete. This feature was very helpful in generating meaningful reports on user activity by being able to filter out junk (e.g. behind the scenes web traffic the user is not even aware of) to try and show conscious/active user activity. Just like another post where coaching was also apparently downgraded it just really feels that MWG 7.0 is a lesser product than MWG 6.8. I think the usability of managing MWG 7.0 is much better, but it just feels like some of the functionality has been turned off and that is a huge disappointment.



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                  With a completely new product like version 7 that is written from the ground up, you're going to have feature chasms. Engineering needs to proiritize and plan how each of the features gets implemented to fit within the new framework and that takes time. Because the entire policy engine is totally different, there can't always be a 1:1 mapping of what 6.8 has vs. 7.


                  However, because we even have log handling rules, the user can do so much more with the logging of data that 6.8 could never hope to achieve. I've been able to log some interesting things, like the <title> of every page web page that is displayed, or separating the Search terms from an embedded URL and logging them sepeartely. And I think I've found a way to log the filenames of files that have been uploaded in a multipart form.


                  So it's definitely more flexible now, even if it doesn't do exactly everything it used to yet. It's evolving as we speak.

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                    Can someone tell me how to add URLs to a "user-defined" category?


                    cheers, Thorsten


                    PS: Just found it.... it´s also not easy to find in the manual



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                      "And I think I've found a way to log the filenames of files that have been uploaded in a multipart form"


                      I'm trying to implement a DLP rule that will simply log files being uploaded. I'd be interested to see how you have identified the filenames when the List.OfMediaType.ToString (MediaType.EnsuredTypes) has the value 'multipart/form-data'